Saturday, 30 August 2008

Cowboys and Indians

Street performers in York entertain the crowds

The shot above was taken today in the centre of York. The diversity of entertainment on the city's streets is superb. The band were all dressed in their colourful costumes and played wonderfully atmospheric music to a big audience. It was a pleasure to just stop and watch them for ten minutes. It made me wonder whether we need some crumby TV show on British television to prove that Britain has got talent! Go onto the streets of York (and most British cities) and you'll find it.

The Indians were great but the trip to my 'favourite' photo retailer proved (yet again) a 50% failure. They had the film developer (which contradicts what they said back in October 2007 when i asked for some) but NO 120 film archival storage sleeves. Frustrating to say the least. I found it equally amazing that one member of staff should recommend to me that i order the item online.

This isn't exactly the best way to keep a shop open on the high street; when customers can bypass the shop floor and order things online. Cut the shop staff out of the equation and what's left for them to do. No wonder they closed so many shops with the loss of 550 jobs last summer. Just keeping a few items in stock would make a whole lot of difference.

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