Thursday, 14 August 2008

Them or us

Rural scene near Burnham Market, Norfolk, UK

Oh dear. All this sport, politics and conflict have really got me mad lately. The hypocrisy of some politicians, Olympic organisations and countries is just breath taking. It's times like this, when you need a long walk in the countryside to forget about all the rubbish going on out there.

This is one of the first batch of shots taken with the Bronica SQAi. A great camera producing lovely 6x6 negatives. I decided to use Ilford FP4 with this camera for the majority of my photograph taking and I'm pleased i did. The image quality is just excellent. Although it was taken on Ilford film, the developer was by Kodak in the shape of TMAX developer. 8.5 minutes at 20 degrees C which is slightly longer than the 8 minutes recommended by Ilford.

I have loads more 120 roll film to process but i need to get some negative sleeves before i start on that little lot. The speedgrip/prism on the Bronica certainly changed the handling of the camera. Documentary images became possible so it'll be interesting to see how those shots turn out.

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