Thursday, 14 August 2008

Running on faith

Lit prayer candles

I've always had an admiration for those people who have faith in their faith. Those people who have something to hold onto. I'm not a religious person but in this day and age, maybe we all should have some faith in something or other.

While I was visiting a church at Walsingham, i came across a young man of about thirty years of age, who to look at, you would have thought would have been more interested in computers than anything religious. He came into the darkened area where the prayer candles where placed, lit a candle and with it in his cupped hands, he prayed intensely for several minutes. It was a beautifully tender moment of personal reflection.

I just watched. Fascinated by this young man's demonstration of absolute faith. Stood there watching him, you realised that it was a timeless moment that any of the pilgrims from years past would recognise. The clothes may have changed but the sense of purpose does not. I wished i could have taken a photograph of this moment of remembrance but it would have been a gross invasion of this man's privacy. If only you could capture a moment with your eyes.

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