Sunday, 3 August 2008

Like a Leica

Pepple beach at Sheringham, Norfolk

I spotted it in a camera shop window last week. A lovely, pristine condition Leica R7. A beautifully engineered camera that, if purchased, would last the owner a lifetime. It's the one Leica 35mm SLR that I've wanted to own since the late 1980's. I am tempted... but i keep on coming back to the same old argument against getting it which is... exactly how many cameras do i need???

It's getting tough to make a purchasing decision when it comes to buying any type of new camera. The digital market has just made it worse. Most manufacturers work on a two year cycle which sounds a long time, but film cameras usually had at least twice or three times that before a new model came out. Technology moves fast and the modern digital camera has a lot more in common with the computer world these days, than camera development of twenty years ago.

As for the Leica R7? Well, i may take a look if it is still there next week. The camera's price? Don't ask !!!

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