Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Umbrella day

Sunny or wet? A colourful umbrella on Sheringham, Norfolk, UK

An umbrella can be useful on a British beach for keeping the sun off you or..., more likely, to protect you from the rain. This last few weeks has done nothing to change the perception that Britain doesn't have dry, hot summers, even though we had super weather back in June.

I rather like the touch of colour that this umbrella added to the seaside scene on a beach in Norfolk. We Brits do try hard to have a good time whilst on holiday, regardless of what the weather might do. Fortunately this umbrella was up to give some shade... and maybe some privacy.

The wet weather today provided me with an excuse to develop the stack of film shot during my time in Norfolk last month. All of the 35mm film has been processed along with a few rolls of medium format but a mass of 120 film remains. So far I'm pleased with the results.

I'll be posting some of the new images on the blog... starting tomorrow.

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