Thursday, 28 August 2008

Morris major

Music for the Morris dancers - Sheringham, Norfolk

I don't often post portraits but this one works really well. It was a candid shot taken at the Lobster Potty Morris dancing festival held in Sheringham, Norfolk. Morris dancers, from all over the UK and Europe, come to display the various styles of dancing at the festival which has been on the calender as an annual event since 1994.

Sadly, i can't remember where in Britain this accordion player and his Morris dancer mates came from, but you have to admit that he certainly looks the part. There is almost a rock'n roll ethic to Morris dancing; it attracts a certain type of person who doesn't want to conform to the norm. I rather admire them. They enjoy what they do and they have a sense of purpose - to carry the traditions of Morris dancing onto the next generation. Most of all they have fun - you don't see many miserable Morris dancers. Would i have a go? Hmm.... if an offer came in at the right time and in the right place... yes i probably would. :-)

I do like the more relaxed 'documentary' approach candid photography offers. It's becoming far more acceptable as people move away from the posed look of the sat portrait; I've noticed that I'm increasingly asked to photograph people using candid portraiture when working on commissions. Capturing them 'doing what they do' seems to be becoming much more fashionable these days.

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