Saturday, 4 August 2007

Another angle

Access ramp to the sea for Sheringham fishermen

This image was taken looking down towards where the last posted photo was shot and shows the access ramps, used by local fishermen, that are located at points along the sea defence wall at Sheringham.

Although we tend to think of holiday resorts as purely tourist based economies, many UK seaside resorts still have a fishing fleet, however the numbers involved in the fishing industry have decreased drastically over the last decade or so.

This image was taken of Ilford HP5 rated at 800asa which has been my favourite speed rating for this film for years.....BUT.....I'm going to try a standard 400asa rating and see if the film produces better results for grain and tone when its not pushed. The differences may not be that noticeable but its something to try.

I've been thinking about my film use this year and i've decided to make the ratio of slow to fast film more even for next year's Norfolk work. It'll be around 50% Ilford FP4 and 50% HP5...with a few rolls of 50asa Pan F thrown in for luck!

Finally if you have a bit of time to spare, have a look at the Viiphoto website where there are some great documentary images.

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