Friday, 24 August 2007

A broken back

A Bronica camera 645 film back that is!

I broke one of my Bronica camera backs a couple of years ago. Nothing too serious, just a sheared piece of plastic that holds the 120 film in place - i actually fixed it with some masking tape at the time - but it did slow down the time it took to load new film. I just wanted to locate a small plastic part but instead i found out how closed up the camera spares market is.

I've tried on numerous occasions to locate this replacement part but to no avail. No spare parts could be located and what made it worse was the part i was after would have cost no more than £4.00. If i took it to be repaired it would probably cost me £60+ and i can locate another back on eBay for that money -which is exactly what i did. An old back used for parts to repair mine. Perfect!

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