Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Mountain sunset

Mountain sunset near Llangollen, North Wales

The landscape lesson post had me rummaging through some of my North Wales images yesterday and i enjoyed looking through them so much, that i decided to post another. This image was taken just outside Llangollen in North Wales, just after a sudden downpour of rain; a common event in the Welsh mountains.

There's something magical about North Wales and Snowdonia - mystical even. King Arthur fought some of his battles in the mountains of North Wales and there are even Holy Grail connections at Dinas Bran castle, not far from where this image was taken.

This viewpoint was found after about an hour of hard climbing so i set up the camera, rested and waited for the sun to do its work. The clouds were working their way across the mountain tops and were lit with a gorgeous orange sunlight. It was very peaceful to watch. Quite a spiritual moment.

The image was shot using a Nikon F4s with a 70-210 zoom set at 210mm. Film was Fuji Velvia 50.

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