Monday, 13 August 2007

Through the dunes

Bambrugh castle - the wider perspective

Sand and camera equipment. Not a good mix to say the least but sometimes you have to take a chance and hope that sand doesn't get into anywhere vital. Just getting to the location for this shot was hard work: its quite a steep climb getting from the beach to the dunes. No pain, no gain as they say.

With me i had my trusty Benbo Trekker tripod which i normally don't carry - it usually stays in the boot of the car. I'm not much of a tripod user to be honest and on this dune expedition it didn't get used very much either. Always useful to have with you though but just a pain to carry everywhere.

This is another digital shot which, at the time, I thought were pretty average when i looked back at them. Using digital viewing screens in bright sunlight is virtually impossible - its difficult to tell what you've got at the best of times. I'm definitely going to try and look for a better screen protector/sunshade.

The rest of the shoot was done using the F5 loaded with some Ilford FP4. It'll be interesting to compare results of the different formats. Film vs digital....oh no.... not that argument!

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