Sunday, 12 August 2007

Place of legends

Bambrugh Castle, Northumberland, UK

You'll have noticed that its been quiet on the blog these last few days which was all due to my trip up north to Northumberland near the Scottish border. It was a great four days and although i wish i could have spent a few more extra days there, i managed to photograph pretty much what i wanted.

Northumberland has a rich, colourful and rather violent past. The amount of battlefields marked on the map is staggering and most reflect the violent relationship that the English had with their Scottish neighbours during the medieval period. Bambrugh castle is a monument to that struggle and was an important strategic point for the English in a period when Northumberland was regularly invaded by the Scots.

It's worth mentioning that the image is a digital shot converted to black and white. I've read various photography blog postings recently that state that digital cameras cannot produce really excellent b&w images - something i think is completely ridiculous. I hope this shot of Bambrugh castle proves that strong B&W digital images are possible.

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