Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A timeless classic

Tiger Moth coming into land at Burnham thorpe Airfield, Norfolk

I've noticed that we've had Black and white images posted since the end of July so...enough of the moody black and white, lets have some colour!

This encounter with a Tiger Moth flying from a small airfield was just a case of luck and being in the right place and the right time. The only setback was the light, which was flat and lifeless thanks to the overcast cloud. Oh how i would have liked some sun and blue sky to appear but you just have to work with the light you're given. I do like the timeless feel that this image has.

Norfolk has loads of little airfields scattered around the county, mainly due to the flat nature of the countryside that makes it ideal for flying. The airfield at Burham Thorpe is used mainly at weekends as a fly in meeting place for pilots and their families.

Digital was the format choice for this shot and is ideal for this type of work; you just shoot, review the images and re shoot if need be. I must admit that my camera panning was a bit rusty but otherwise the images came out OK.

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