Thursday, 23 August 2007

Life's a beach

People walking on the beach at Cromer, Norfolk, UK

Photography is one of those pastimes/professions where the technology can sometimes have a strong hold over your work. In this digital age the fascination in camera technology can often overtake the picture taking itself. Sometimes photographers get so hung up on getting the newest equipment and software, they forget that the only important thing is the end result - the photograph itself. Regardless of what took the image, it should be the IMAGE that matters most.

I took this photograph of Cromer beach with a battered old Nikon 200mm that i purchased a few months ago and the lens still performs well - even after some twenty five years of heavy use. I actually purchased my Nikon D2H specifically so i could use some of the older Ai/Ais Nikon manual focus lens alongside my Nikon/Sigma AF lenses.

I do like this pic. I've always thought that a walk on the beach can often visually represent this big adventure we all call life. Think about it. We have all walked along a beach and left our mark, only for the tide to wash away any trace of our being there. Photographer and philosopher... hmmm .....think I'll stick to photography :o)

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