Sunday, 19 August 2007

The decisive moment!

Folklorna Skupina Jurij vodovnik Skomarje from Slovenia visiting Alnwick gardens

Folklorna Skupina Jurij vodovnik Skomarje from Slovenia were performing at Alnwick gardens as part of the International music festival held in the town each year. This image was taken when they were having a bit of a break from entertaining the visitors. The accordion players still played on though and can be just seen on the extreme right of the image.

One of my heroes is the French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson (an article on him will be posted on the blog soon folks) who is regarded as the master of the 'moment' picture. Cartier Bresson always believed that there was a decisive moment to take a photograph; a moment when everything came together to form the perfect image. With this image that decisive moment came when the young lady in the middle started leaning on the man's shoulder.

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