Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Post Fifty

Boy fishing in the harbour at Wells next to the sea, Norfolk

The first post for August and the fiftieth post for the blog. Yippee!
Hopefully you'll have liked the way that this blog has developed over the months and my aim is to carry on and give my perspective on everything photographic - from the technology to the image making itself. I'll also throw some of more of my images into the mix too.

I think a blog for any photographer is essential these days, even if its just used as a diary/therapy. Where else could you put images and the stories behind them ....and show them to the world! There's probably a good argument that there are too many photography blogs on the web but the way i see it is if a blog is any good then people will look at it and hopefully come back for more.

So how am i going to develop the blog further? Well I want to make the posting more regular and broader to cover a wider range of photographic issues. Documentary work will always have its home here though and I'll continue to show whatever images i think should be out there for people to see. Next year i want to update from the 'field' so that images are posted minutes or hours after I've taken them. More importantly I KNOW that the blog has increased my output of photography because i now have an outlet for it; the blog acting as a portfolio, a scrapbook or an online publication.

The next few months will see some more images from Norfolk but I'm also going shooting in Northumberland this month, although this will be a purely digital exercise... Well..OK..maybe the odd roll of and there. The landscape will be completely different to that of Norfolk and the weather can be a bit unforgiving at times too but the castles, windswept beaches and rugged landscape will more than make up for it.

Finally any comments that you may have about the images or articles you've seen on the blog are always welcome.

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Majo said...

finally! after an hour of blogging I found a blog with really good and beautiful pics... but of course, you are a photographer, they have to be good. Anyways, I'm just glad I found your blog. Hope to learn a thing or too from your work. I'm just an photographer amateur, but I really love to campture intants, images, moments. If you have some time, give me a visit... there are some of my pics + some emotional relieving.

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